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Reddit Alien Soap!

Reddit Alien Soap
Price: $12.50 Now only $10.00!! - The Reddit Aliens are back in stock and at a lower price! We also changed the coloring a tad, to improve the quality of the soaps, as well as added many new colors and flavors SCENTS! (Do not attempt to eat Reddit Alien Soaps, while they smell delicious, they are not edible!) See the video below for an example. Enjoy! :)

Check it out! The Reddit Alien soaps are back and they are even more awesome than before!

Three fragrances? Try 7, In fact, we have a whole rainbow of Reddit Alien soaps now!

Raspberry (neon red)
Sadly, the Reddit Alien is not wearing a beret
Orange (neon orange)
The classic Orangered you all know and love
Lemon (neon yellow)
There is nothing sour about this one
Green Apple (neon green)
So fresh you will think it fell out of a tree and hit you on the head!
Intergalactic Spice (neon blue)
Yep, it's blue and smells deeply of Cinnamon. You can figure this one out.
Chocolate Fudge (neon pink)
It's the cute pink one, it's not indigo but we still think it fits nicely in the rainbow
Grape (neon purple)
Just like your favorite grape gum, you just can't blow bubbles with it

Oh wait, we almost forgot..
Bacon (the classic light blue)
Yeah, it smells like bacon. We could never get rid of this!

Ok, so we lied, the Reddit Alien Rainbow contains 8 different Aliens.
Buy them individually, or buy the entire set for a small discount!

These are still 10oz of soap. They will still last forever. Not like Everlasting Gobstopper forever, but a long time. Ish.

** Reddit receives a percentage of each sale! The Reddit Alien (owned by Conde Nast Digital) was used with permission from Reddit and Conde Nast.

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(Discount coupons do not include reddit alien or envelope soaps)