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Reddit Alien Soap Update!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to keep you updated on the new Reddit Alien soap that Soapier is creating for Reddit.

After much deliberation, and trials with cookie cutters, we decided to go with aluminum for the master mold. We received a very nice letter from a Redditor, Brad from Briscoe Machining, who offered to help us with creating this soap mold.

Brad went above and beyond. If you're in need of mold making, or robotic parts (seriously, he makes robotic parts, and after doing some research, I found that Briscoe Machining LLC was owned by Cyberdyne)... this is your guy!

So, what we have here are four cool images of the Reddit Alien soap. Two digital images, two final master mold shots. And I have to say, I think it looks pretty awesome!

They're being shipped to our plastic mold maker, and we'll have a prototype Reddit Alien soap posted ASAP. We'll be taking orders in about two to three weeks!

We'll also be posting a poll to decide which fragrance we'll be creating this soap with.

And YES, yes, yes, we're TRYING to figure out a way for it to smell like bacon. We've received your emails. We've received your postcards. Smoke signals. All of it. Even a singing telegram*. I promise, we're looking into it. If there's a way, we'll offer two fragrances to choose from.

Thanks, Reddit, for your continued support. We all really appreciate it. Click the images to check out larger shots!

John @ Soapier

* It's amazing how many words rhyme with bacon.